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The silkscreen process offers the best solution when your designs require precise, color-on-color detailing. Generally speaking, silkscreen printing is also named as solid color printing and each block or area with only one color involved. Silkscreen printing can be made as many colors as your wish and the colors can be matched with nominated Pantone numbers. Same as offset printing, we’ll print your motif on the metal and then die cut each piece.
Offset printing is also named 4 color process printing (Cyan / Magenta/ Yellow & K-Black), no matter how many colors involved in the art, we charge the printing set up fee for 4 colors if there is no metal border left on the edge or 5 colors if metal border is necessary on the edge, the extra one is for white background color.
All materials as well as manufacturing processes from Erichgift to produce PVC items comply strictly with international regulations. We understand your concern for this matter and we know that dealing with customers from all around the world requires that our products also comply with local regulations.