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10 Mar

What are the advantages of Embroidery Patchs?

Embroidery Patch,making Embroidery Patchs

The advantage of Embroidery Patchs is that they are more compatible with clothing than traditional embroidery. They are an improvement over traditional embroidery in terms of order quantity, production speed, complexity of production, high prices, and limited clothing processing. Embroidery Patchs are also more suitable for company clothing logos, clothing codes, and other uses. The appearance of Embroidery Patchs is more conducive to the problem of the limited number of orders caused by the variety of clothing styles. Additionally, they do not require the transportation of entire batches of clothing to the factory for processing, which greatly saves on transportation costs and expenses.

Method of making Embroidery Patchs:

Because Embroidery Patchs can be divided into adhesive-free Embroidery Patchs and adhesive-backed Embroidery Patchs, the production method is based on the traditional computer embroidery method, in which the Embroidery Patchs are cut or hot-cut into Embroidery Patchs, and then the back is compounded with hot-melt adhesive. In this way, the production of Embroidery Patchs can be basically completed.