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31 Jan

What should we pay attention to when customizing medals and badges as the demander?

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Many people have not figured out. Why should we customize even medals and badges? In fact, in our life, we will encounter all kinds of competition in schools, enterprises and other places. Each competition must have different awards. In addition to some practical material rewards, medals, trophies or badges are also necessary.

Customized medals, trophies and badges represent a sense of ceremony given by the organizer to the participants and a sense of honor given by the participants. What should we pay attention to when customizing medals and badges as the demander?

1. Medal badge style

When customizing the design style of medals and badges, it is necessary to integrate the design style that the customizer wants according to the purpose of the product, taking the inheritance of corporate culture, the spirit of events and events as the benchmark. At the same time, it is also necessary to customize different types of products according to different scenarios, and determine the size, proportion, suitability, and standard of medal and badge products.

2. Contents of medals and badges

The customized surface content of the medal badge is generally the abbreviation of the company (school or organization), logo, theme and other information. Don't let too much information lead to the accumulation of words on the medal badge surface. Try to be as simple as possible, and accurately and completely express the purpose of making medals and badges.

3. Medal and badge technology

Because of the different materials used to make medals and badges, the production process is also diverse. For example, metal medals can be made into colorful and exquisite medals through baking varnish and enamel processing, with a strong three-dimensional sense and various patterns prominent. Soft enamel and resin are used as coloring materials. The surface can be plated with gold, nickel and other metal colors. It is smooth and exquisite, giving a very noble feeling.

4. Medal and badge materials

The production materials of customized medals and badges need to be determined according to the needs of the customization party. Compared with the precious metal gold and silver and ordinary metal, the gold and silver precious metal materials are definitely more expensive. The customization party can determine whether the medals are high-grade and what medal production materials to choose according to the requirements of different scenes.

5. Medal badge details

The details of customized medals and badges mainly show whether the font selection is appropriate when the medals and badges are customized, and what style of medal wooden tray, medal ribbon, etc. are used to match the medals and badges; The thickness of the medal badge, the width, and the plane arch camber are considered according to different customization requirements.